Patte and Randa: The Starr Sisters
Patte and Randa: The Starr Sisters

New York Post: Page Six Excerpt
New York Post: Page Six Excerpt

  • About The Sisters

    We are two sisters (best friends) who have come through the fires that test us all. We not only survived, but found the way to a great life filled with love, service, and adventure. Dreams are everything. They are thrilling and give life color and music. Our dreams took us from a trailer park, abuse and poverty to a great life in Malibu. Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Ozzie Osbourne, Larry Ellison, Adam Sandler and David Geffen are our neighbors!

    We're here to share the secrets we learned from super-achievers that got us to a wonderful place in EVERY WAY. We were recently featured in 'Page Six' of the NY POST. Our book CHEAT SHEETS FOR LIFE tells you everything you need to know to make your dreams happen.

  • Cheat Sheets For Life

    Secret Shortcuts Used By The Rich And Famous

    An entertaining, quick, breezy read that gives you EVERYTHING you need to know without reading thousands of pages!

  • Starr Secrets

    The Down And Dirty Truths about Today And Yesteryear's Celebrities

    We have fun pairing incongruous celebrities and historical figures, finding intriguing and unknown parallels
    in the most unexpected places!